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By Terry

Passion Rose
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“For the season of flowers, at the very moment when rosebuds are so close to blossoming, I have aimed to shelter the tenderness of an oh-so fragile young petal, capture its fascinating vibrant grace, preserve it in a modern vase of transparent Plexiglas, or turn it into a blush of temptation: a true Delight for the Complexion.”


Enhancing lip care
A fluid balm like the color of rose petals. This nourishing, regenerating, protective and enhancing fluid comes in new “flaconnettes of desire” that reveal superbly sheer color...

Blush with active rose extracts

Succumb to a new skin temptation: a melt-away color with the reflections of emotion-filled roses... For one season only, it is the ideal companion of our radiant complexion for a fresh day look and a lovely night shimmer...