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Christian Wijnants zomer 2006
Datum: 23 januari 2006

The collection is based on the Basotho population, tribes living in Lesotho and South Africa, who's religion, traditions and way of living inspired a fresh and contemporary collection.

The Ceremonies around the stages of transformation in a girl's life are strong and colourful. In those rituals girls walk in processions holding panels with daily objects: shiny materials and mirrors reflecting light and symbolizing purity and enlightment, candies and colorful gifts conveying sweetness and childhood, accessories relating to grooming and feminine beauty and balloons representing pregnant women.

The traditionally painted houses in vivid colours and geometric patterns gave birth to a patchwork of printed flowers, gold lurex voile, snake print and habotay dresses and skirts.
Fringes in shiny viscose and also in suede leather refer to the layered straw roofs of the traditional huts and to the straw skirts worn by young girls.
Handwork and craftsmanship is present in the collection with crochet top, handknitted miniskirt, fully embroidered and patched voluminous skirt, handwoven accessories such as bags, belts and bags.

The materials are soft and drapy like jersey modal, habotay silk and fine viscose knits.

The colors are warm, subtle and soft: gold, skin, cream, antique pink, olive and brown.

The look of the collection reflects the patchwork and recycling habits of African dresses: headscarfes made of old handkerchiefs are covering the simple styled hair.

The skin is shiny and has gold reflects like after a warm and sunny summer day.