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Martin Margiela Biografie
Datum: 21 januari 2004

Martin Margiela

1977/9: Royal Academy of Fine Art, Fashion Department (Antwerp, Belgium)

1984/7: Jean Paul Gaultier, Design Assistent (Paris, France)

Maison Martin Margiela

1988: Founding of Maison Martin Margiela with Ms Jenny Meirens (Paris)

1988: 1st Martin Margiela Collection Spring/Summer 1989, Women's Ready to wear (Paris)

1989-to date: Bi-annual collections, Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter (Paris)

1993, Oct: Presentation of Spring/Summer

1994 Martin Margiela 'Retrospective' collection (Paris)

1994, Sept, 07: Simultaneous presentations of A/W 1994/5 Collection at boutiques in each city. Replaced March 94, Paris based show. Clothes shown to public when in shops. (Paris, Milan, New York, Tokyo, London, Bonn)

1995, October: Publication of a special edition of STREET-magazine entirely dedicated to the Martin Margiela collections Spring/Summer 1989 up to Autumn/Winter 1995-96 (Japan)

1996, Sept: Participation in Florence Biennale on Fashion & Art, 'Visitors' section, Museo Bardini (Florence, Italy)

1997, May: Another label joins Maison Martin Margiela's white rectangle. The white label is printed with the numbers 0 to 23 in black. Later, when one of the numbers is encircled it will indicate from which part of the Maison Martin Margiela's collection the garment, accessory, shoe, publication or object comes. The decision is taken that 'Artisanal' production will be labelled 0, basic garments for women; 6, a wardrobe for men; 10, Shoes; 22, Publications and objects; 13. More numbers will be encircled as projects evolve. (Paris)

1997, June, 11: First solo Maison Martin Margiela Exhibition,( 9/4/1615) at the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, June 11th - August 17th. With the publication of a catalogue dedicated to the exhibition (ISBN: 90-6918-180-0). The decision is taken that the exhibition will take part three times, the second in April 1999 in Kyoto, Japan (travelling to Tokyo in August that year) with the third in New York in May 1999. (Rotterdam, Holland)

1997, October: 6, a collection of basic garments for women joins the Maison Martin Margiela's collection. The first 6 collection was for Spring/Summer 1998 and is proposed twice yearly. The figure 15 is encircled on their label. (Paris)

1997, Oct, 14: Joint presentation of Martin Margiela collection in conjunction with Comme des Garçons. Each collection for Spring/Summer 98. (Paris)

1998, March, 09: Presentation of the first Hermès Ready to wear collection for women designed by Martin Margiela. (Paris)

1998: March, 10: Presentation by Maison Martin Margiela of the visions of Mark Borthwick, Jane How and Sidney Picasso on the Martin Margiela Collection for A/W 1998/9. (Paris)

1998, March: 22, Shoes for women joins the Maison Martin Margiela's Collection. The figure 22 is encircled on their label. (Paris)

1998, October: 13, the part of the Maison Martin Margiela's Collection dedicated to publications and objects begins with the publication of its 1st book: '2000-1' Maison Martin Margiela by Mark Borthwick. Featuring photographs taken from his presentation of March that year. ISBN: 2-9512460-0-5. (World-wide)

1998, Sept: Participation of Maison Martin Margiela in the 2nd Florence Biennale on Fashion (this time on fashion and cinema). (Florence, Italy)

1998, July: 10, a wardrobe for Men joins the Martin Margiela collection. The wardrobe will be proposed twice yearly from Spring/Summer 1999. The figure 10 is encircled on their label. (Milan,Italy)

1998, Oct: Presentation of the 20th Martin Margiela Women's Ready to wear collection. (Paris)

1999, April, 5: The (9/4/1615) exhibition opens at the Kyoto Museum of Modern Art until June 5. (Kyoto, Japan)

1999, March: Publication of a special edition of STREET-Magazine entirely dedicated to the Martin Margiela Collections Spring/Summer 1996 up to Spring/Summer 1999 including features on the exhibitions in Brussels, Florence and Rotterdam. (Japan)

1999, April: 15, garments by mail-order, joins the Maison Martin Margiela's collection with the launch of a group of garments for women sold via the 3Suisse catalogue in France and the Benelux. The figure 15 is encircled on their label. (Paris)

1999, May, 17: The (9/4/1615) exhibition opens with Creative time at the Brooklyn Anchorage until end July. (New York, USA)

1999, August, 6: The (9/4/1615) Kyoto exhibit travels to Tokyo until November that year. (Tokyo, Japan)

1999, November: Publication of the second book as part of 13. A book version of the two Street Magazine STREET special editions on the Martin Margiela Collections and four exhibitions. The book features all of the first twenty Martin Margiela collections. ISBN: 2-9512460-1-3. (World-wide)

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