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Nathalie Verlinden, lente - zomer 2004
Datum:29 april 2004

Just like the previous collections the Summer 2004 collection is built around the principles of quality, simplicity and environmentally responsible materials as well as traditional crafting practices. For Nathalie Verlinden design, choice of the materials and the character shoes and handbags take on as they are worn, are of equal importance to the profession of a shoe- and handbag maker.

The ideas behind Nathalie Verlinden's designs developed over the years when studying arts and sculpture at the Antwerp Academia, shoemaking in Brussels and her work as an interior designer. The formation as a shoe designer took another leap in Indonesia where Nathalie Verlinden furthered her interest in the traditional shoe craftsmanship at a small atelier. The craftsmanship came to a full circle when she settled at the shores of the Adriatic in the Marche Region, the centre of Italian shoemaking.

The designs of Nathalie Verlinden rest on simplicity, timelessness, respect for the environment, comfort and above all quality. The shoes are discreet and tactful, yet through the classic character they take on a proper identity. Undoubtedly Nathalie Verlinden pays a lot of attention to comfort. Shoes do not only need to be beautiful, but equally functional and a pleasure to wear on a daily basis. In the designer's own words: 'a pair of shoes' attractiveness and beauty are the result of the shoe designer's ideas and style, the organic materials used, the craftsmanship and the person who wears them'. A pair of shoes or a handbag only shows its full splendour when worn and somehow mature in the presence of the owner.

Visibly, a shoe's attractiveness and comfort also depend on the materials used. For Nathalie Verlinden it is a matter of principle that for each and every creation the materials and fabrics are natural. Her designs stand for environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible craftsmanship. The leather is vegetally coloured and naturally glued. These principles contribute to comfort and ease of wearing the collection.