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Wouters en Hendrix, once upon a time, spring summer 2003
Datum: 12 december 2002

Once upon a time, far behind the magic clouds and the "Stars of Twilight" lived young Alice and her "Three Little Sisters": Tanna, Hanna and Anna. "The Doll's House" where the 4 modest girls lived was a place of simplicity. Life was treating them well and they all seemed to be content. But young Alice was bored to death.

"The Beautiful Garden of Flowers" stood in front of the doll's house.
Here the singing birds were bathing themselves each morning in the early sunlight in "The Pool of Tears.
Nothing was appealing to Alice anymore. She was dreaming of great adventures and romance.

That morning in the year called "Seven Years and Six-Month" Alice was sitting in front of the window and she was dreaming away as usual
Alice's marvelous dream Prince, her "White Knight" was fighting with "Gryphon" the brute monster for the 130th time.
This horrible big, ugly, roaring and fire spitting creature with his enormous claws was stopping every human being to enter the "Dream Castle" Behind the thick impregnable walls the "Red Queen" was celebrating her birthday with a "Mad Tea Party" full of fantasy creatures, dwarfs, frogs and lions.

A long time ago, Alice and the Prince fell in love at first sight.
There was only one big problem, Gryphon had to be defeated otherwise they would never be together and the battle with Gryphon would continue for a 1000 years.

The doorbell rang and suddenly Alice woke up out of her dream.
The postman delivered a sterling silver envelop with "The Monogram" of the "Red Queen".
It was an invitation to attend the "Mad Tea Party".
Alice was very excited, but how could she pass that ugly monster Gryphon at the front door of the castle?

Hanna, Anna and Tanna came up with a tremendous idea: they ran upstairs to the attic and took the "Frog" suit which once had been used for a costume ball. Alice quickly put on the costume and hopping and croaking she was of to the palace. When the frog passed by, "Gryphon" paid no attention. He was too busy with fighting the young prince.

Once Alice entered the room where the "Red Queen" was celebrating the tea party, she took of her costume. Suddenly they heard a terrible roar from outside: "Gryphon" was shrinking to dwarf proportions. The spell was broken at last.

The prince, the Queen, young Alice and her sisters were celebrating the victory over gryphon. Love has won again.