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Wouters & Hendrix zomer 2006
Datum: 23 januari 2006


‘The mother’s face was of a fading prettiness; her expression was both tranquil and aware in a pleasant way. However, one’s eyes moved quickly to her daughter, who had magic in her pink palms and her cheeks lit to a lovely flame. Her fine forehead sloped gently up to where her hair, bordering it like an armorial shield, burst into lovelocks and waves and curlicues of ash blonde and gold.’ F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tender is the night

She has intrigued and beguiled men, she has inspired and been revered by woman.
She is a lively, powerful and wealthy woman. Her suits are tailored, her jewellery chosen for the occasion and she holds her head up high.
Her status is a prize to be treasured, not only for her beauty, but also for the place she holds in society. In her universe, glamour, art and life coincide in the strangest of ways. The jewels in Wouters & Hendrix’s 2006 Spring-Summer collection ‘La Belle Héritière’ capture her complexities perfectly. They are an atmospheric blend of love, luxury, sophistication and popular culture.

Nothing is obvious; you have to discover these creations little by little.
In this collection, compare the symmetry of gold and the white onyx. For example, a chunky gold-plated classical gourmet chain is surprisingly offset with a cluster of crisp white onyxes for a look that is equally strong and glamorous.
These necklaces and bracelets are strikingly modern and mature in their refined symmetry, whilst the fine gourmet chain necklaces, embellished with a delicate semi-precious drop and a gold-plated vintage medallion, offer a more casual and bohemian alternative.

The entire style of a jewel can be changed simply by changing the colour;
from vibrant white to blood-red and golden brown.
These pieces are flirtatious and ahead of any fashion trend – there are necklaces and bracelets with an array of shiny semi-precious beads, mixed golden filigree patterns and oxidized silver balls in the deepest, warmest colours, dangling from a multi-layered vintage silver chain, to create a sensual element that softens the silver.
More intimate are the subtle mixtures of pink and yellow gold in the feather- and leaf-shaped earrings, rings and necklaces. These pieces evoke a gently and nostalgic sensation.

By joining the materials and techniques of fine jewellery-making with the aesthetics of the eclectic and – at times – the eccentric, a leitmotiv in W & H ‘s work, new and imaginative creations were brought to life, as they cast old-fashioned chains and charms. Again, the infinite variety of colours found in semi-precious stones has not failed to move the designers.
Invariably, Hessonite, Bowenite, cherry quartz stones and agates all find a place in this collection, in which colour is a constant feature.

An interesting aspect of this collection is the sheer size of some of the necklaces.
In these pieces, structure is combined with sophistication. The result is a look that is simple and clean, yet with a touch of drama. Another example are the forged silver rings, whose hollow shape can also be found in the silver wire bracelets and necklaces. When worn, they follow the shape of the neck; they mould themselves to the curve of an arm or a finger.

Beauty and symbolism: two concepts that W & H see as essential qualities of their jewellery.
Putting soul into soul-less matter remains the ultimate challenge!